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The team at the Sugar Path are celebration Specialists. whether you are getting married or celebrating a special life event—-we can help you with the perfect dessert for the occasion. our bakery was established in 2011 by two sisters whose fondest childhood memories always included their grandma’s dessert. armed with their grandma’s recipes and their grandpa’s work ethic, they set out to bring a little more sweetness to this world. We handcraft our all natural desserts using a smallbatch method and the finest ingredients. Our retail shop in downtown Geneva, Illinois features a rotating menu of Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes, Cookies, Do-Cups, and cake jars. We also ship cake jars and cookies nationwide so you can celebrate across the miles. our shipping site is located at Connect with us socially @thesugarpath and share by using #thesugarpath





Dates booked up means we cannot deliver your wedding desserts.  If you still want to place an order and you can pick it up, we may be able to bake your order. We only deliver to our delivery zone with a minimum order of $500 UNLESS we are on your venue’s preferred vendor list and then we deliver without a minimum order amount: check with our event staff. We do have a delivery charge even when you are in our delivery zone (as do most vendors, pizza delivery, and uber when you use their delivery vehicle and staff). If your venue is outside our delivery zone we can still bake for you but you will have to arrange pick up. Payment is expected at the time of order placement.



The Sugar Path cakes are highly regarded for their presentation and taste.  Our unique cake flavors and popular buttercream, along with superb design, will be the showstopper your event deserves.  We take great care in baking, designing and delivering your cake for your special event because we want to help you create a truly memorable experience.  

Your cake options include tiered cakes, cutting cakes, cake buffets, or round, layered cakes for any type of celebration or purpose.  


We offer a wide variety of sweets table desserts, including pies, cupcakes, cookies and bars.  Just like our cakes, all of our desserts are known for impeccable flavor and presentation.  Our cupcakes are like little cakes---always beautifully decorated and eagerly anticipated.  Our pies have gained a reputation for being amongst the best in the State.  Our artisans hand-craft all of our desserts with care and love so that only the best memories are the result.  A Sugar Path sweets table is a crowdpleaser!

Your sweets table options include cupcakes (standard size and minis), pies (9 inch, 5 inch and 3 inch), cookies, bars, shot-glass desserts, marshmallow pops and mason jar desserts.


TSP (1).jpg


You're looking for the perfect favor for your guests and we've got one that fits your event.  Our favors are fresh, unique and memorable---just like all of our desserts.  All of our favors come in a container, box or bag that can be easily personalized with a label of your own (such as your initials or date or sweet saying).

Your favor options include cake jars (8 oz and 4 oz), tiny pies (3 inches), cookies, sugar cookies, mini cupcakes, mason jar desserts, and marshmallow pops. 


What's your dream cake?

Every cake is an individual artistic creation after a collaboration between the wedding couple and our experienced event planner. 


Our cakes are known for their impeccable style . . .

Whether adorned in fresh flowers or no flowers. . .your Sugar Path cake will keep them talking for months after the wedding. We can work with your florist to bring your dream cake to life.

Unforgettable. . .

Kristin and Michael-443.jpg

We will work with your other vendors to coordinate the details in order to bring your vision to life.

Three cakes, all the same style but each looks so different. Our Event Planner will work with you on every detail---from flavor to design.

Three cakes, all the same style but each looks so different. Our Event Planner will work with you on every detail---from flavor to design.


We are excited to be selected as one of the top wedding professionals. . . .

Read all of our wedding reviews on our The Sugar Path Storefront at Wwlogo 83x19

Contact Us. . .


keep scrolling!  there is a lot of information on this page about our products, process, flavors and pricing!  Contact us in the following ways when you're ready:


  • Call our Events Manager at (630) 882-2536 (please do not call the retail shop as our events team is separate from our retail team).

  • E-mail us at either

  • Or simply hit the button below and fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you!

We are of the firm belief that every bridal couple deserves the WOW factor---that the cake that awaits you should be beautiful and impeccable in design and equally as memorable in taste.


We create custom cakes from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients.  Because we scratch bake all of our items, everything is always fresh and amazing for your special day.  Each cake is crafted by a talented, experienced baker and then hand-decorated by an equally talented, experienced pastry decorator.  Because of this, every single cake is unique and special in its own way.  We create cakes for you to suit your style and budget.  Our cakes are regarded for their trademark features---looking at one you can tell the quality of a Sugar Path cake while cutting into one reveals our hallmark flavors.  Always impeccable in both respects.    

From the moment you become our customer until the moment your cake leaves our hands. . .we work to provide you and your guests with the best dessert experience.  There's more on our process below . . . .

Cake Flavors:

Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Churro, Lemon, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter, Coconut, Lavender, Banana, Chocolate Chip, Carrot, Pumpkin, Confetti

Frosting Flavors:

Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Coconut, Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cream Cheese, Almond, Peanut Butter, Honey, Confetti, Cinnamon, Maple, Mint, Cookies n Cream, Marshmallow


Fresh fruit in season (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries), Bananas, Preserves (Strawberry or Raspberry), Lemon Curd, Lime Curd, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Ganache


Below are some of our most popular designs.  Simply scroll through our portfolio and imagine what we can create for you!  


Not everyone dreams of tiered cakes.  Many couples desire a smaller cake for presentation and their cake cutting.  Dessert to feed your guests may be slicing cakes or one of our sweets table options.  Your options for your cutting cake can range from a smaller tiered cake in the above styles (in the tiered cake gallery) or any one of our fun layered cakes.  Below is a gallery of ideas, but we welcome your creativity!


We too love the time honored tradition of the Groom's cake.  Let us create something special for the Mr.  ---maybe just something as simple as his favorite Oreo cake or one of our Sugar Tap (alchohol infused cakes) such as Just Jack (whiskey, beer and bacon!) or a personalized flavor with his favorite beer (Spotted Cow, perhaps?)  If you want to go all out in design---our pastry decorators are very talented!  Below are a few ideas:

We specialize in Weddings and Events and have a professional team of people to serve you. From our events team to our bakers to our decorators and delivery caretakers---we approach each wedding as a team to deliver the best for your best day.  We book up quickly. . .don't delay in contacting us and getting on our calendar!

Our Events Team are experienced to safely get your cake where it needs to be at the time it needs to be there. The florals on this cake were placed by one of our Events Managers.


Sweets Tables a/k/a Dessert Tables are a popular new way to enjoy wedding dessert. . .and a ton fun for you and your guests!  What exactly is a Sweets Table?  Any type of dessert other than the traditional tiered cake.  You can customize your table with your favorite desserts and add a cutting cake for yourselves.  Our Menu for Sweets Tables includes:

This Sweets Table includes a small tiered cake for the bridal couple's cutting cake, and layered cakes in the following flavors: Red Velvet, Vanilla Strawberry, Chocolate Commotion, Coconut, Lemon Drop, Salty Caramel, Turtle, Oreo and Peanut Butter Cup

Cake Buffets:  

One of our favorite dessert tables is the Cake Buffet!  We just love when we get to make a lot of pretty cakes and then arrange them on a table!  We just wish we could be there when your guests walk in too see the look on their faces!  

Cake Buffets are created through an assortment of round layered cakes in varying sizes and flavors.  We are experienced at helping you pick the perfect flavors and amounts.  Another fun thing some of our brides have done is to put a cake on each guest table.  Let us know you are interested in a cake buffet and we can help you with the most amazing set up!


Mini Cupcakes on a buffet are always a crowdpleaser! The cupcakes on this table include Salty Caramel, Peanut Butter Cup, Lemon Drop and Vanilla Strawberry along with a Naked Cutting cake topped with fruit.

Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes:

Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes are like little cakes and ours are pretty popular!  You can see a list of our cupcakes on our Cupcake menu on this website.  All of our flavors come in both sizes.  

This Sweets Table has a nice variety of desserts and included Mini Cupcakes, Tiny Cheesecake tarts topped with fresh fruit, Brownies, and Lemon Bars.

Mini Desserts:

We have a variety of mini desserts perfect for a dessert buffet, including Tiny Cheesecake Tarts, Lemon Bars, Brownies, Hello Dolly Bars, Rice Krispy treats, Marshmallow Pops, Shot Glass Desserts, mason jar desserts and our famous homestyle cookies in a variety of flavors. 

Our tiny pies make a delicious dessert to offer your guests. So many people love the down home taste of pie, and our crust is a winner!


There are a lot of people who prefer pie as a dessert and we have noticed a trend towards this homestyle dessert for wedding dessert.  We handcraft all of our pie dough in our bakery and hand roll each one.  We offer three sizes:  9 inches, 5 inches and 3 inches.  The 9 inch is the traditional whole pie size, the 5 inch is a sharing size and the 3 inch is perfect for an individual portion.  Most people like to offer the 3 inch size on a sweets table, while others offer a pie buffet with while pies.  You can discover more about our pies on this website pie tab.  


All dessert tables are individually priced based on the desserts you select and the amount.  In order for us to provide you with an estimate we need to know the number of guests you want to feed and the desserts you want on your table.   Desserts are custom created for each event. Check out our portfolio below of some of our creations!

Our Events Team is experienced at creating beautiful tablescapes. . .just the kind of WOW you are searching for your special day.


Treating wedding and shower guests to a favor is traditional and we have some unique ideas for you.  A sweet treat favor to send home with them to enjoy the next day will create a fun and lasting memory.  Each of our favor items come in a container, box or bag that has space for you to add a personalized label of your date, initials or sweet saying.  The following items are available as favors:

Cake Jars

Tiny Pies

Mini Cupcakes


Sugar Cookies

Marshmallow Pops

To learn more about these fun treats, check out the tabs on our website!

We have a special dessert or gift for every occasion. Let us work with you to create something special.


Every wedding has a theme. . .and showers are no different.  For the joyous occasion you might want a special cake or dessert table or favor.  Also, our online shop has some pretty memorable gifts that can be shipped anywhere in the country to celebrate all the special moments ---from the time of the engagement right up to the big day.  Visit our online shop at when you need to ship a gift item!

Think we would be a good fit? If you'd like to know more about our process, please keep reading!




First: Our initial meeting is typically when you contact us via phone, email or drop in the shop. Many people are looking for a price. However, it is difficult to give a generic price for an event that you will want custom details. In order to provide an estimate we need to know at a minimum:

  • Your guest totals---this number typically determines the amount of dessert you will order.

  • The date, time and location of your venue to know if we have room on our calendar.

  • The type of dessert. Exactly. In order to price a dessert for you we need to know what you want (i.e. tiered cake, dessert table, etc). We have no "general" tiered cake pricing. Your tiered cake price depends on size, flavor and design.

  • If you want us to deliver. Our delivery fee is based on how far we will be going, what we are delivering and how long we will be at the venue for you.

  • Custom requests such as matching ribbon, special sprinkles, custom order baking cups, etc.

Typically we are able to obtain all of this information from you at a Dessert Tasting and provide you with an estimate at that time.  

Second, the Dessert Tasting. Tastings are conducted by appointment only in our shop. Appointments for tastings can be made on our website or by calling us at (630) 882-2536 (for faster service please call this number and not our retail shop number).

  • Our Tasting fee is $25 for up to 4 people or $35 for up to 6 people, unless covered by your venue.

  • You will meet with a member of our Events team member to taste items as well as fully discuss your dessert needs. Please feel free to bring with you whatever you want to show up so that we can design your perfect desserts.

  • After the tasting we will provide you with an estimate. If you decide to put down a deposit we will reserve your date on our calendar. If we reserve your date on our calendar, your $200 deposit is non-refundable unless you cancel within 6 months of your wedding date.

What we provide:

  • A team of dedicated and professional Event Specialists

  • Professional bakers

  • Talented Pastry decorators

  • Professional and caring Delivery team

  • Wide variety of desserts made in a commercial grade, professional bakery

  • A dedicated Events Manager to handle your order and be available for questions or order changes

  • A fun tasting experience!

  • Fair and reasonable pricing

  • Confirmation of your order with both you and your venue several weeks before your big day!

What we Charge For:

  • Tasting fee

  • Desserts

  • Custom design

  • Special order items

  • Set-up

  • Floral design

  • Delivery


Our delivery zone is as follows:  Elgin to the north of our shop, Dekalb/Sycamore to the west of our shop, Oswego/Naperville to the south of our shop and Wheaton to the east of our shop.  Within that zone we deliver to Geneva, St. Charles and Batavia with an order total of any amount.  For all other areas within our delivery zone we require an order minimum of $500 for delivery.  If you are outside of our delivery zone we do not deliver but you are welcome to come and pick your order up if you still want to place an order with us.  We do not deliver on Mondays.  

We hope this site provides you with valuable information. We know you have many choices and want you to know that we would be honored to work with you on such an important day in your life. We value the wonderful relationships we have formed on this amazing journey.

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