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We are closed Dec. 31st thru January 3rd. See you on the 4th!

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Tuesday & Wednesday: Case Closed. Pick-up only.

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The team at the Sugar Path are celebration Specialists. whether you are getting married or celebrating a special life event—-we can help you with the perfect dessert for the occasion. our bakery was established in 2011 by two sisters whose fondest childhood memories always included their grandma’s dessert. armed with their grandma’s recipes and their grandpa’s work ethic, they set out to bring a little more sweetness to this world. We handcraft our all natural desserts using a smallbatch method and the finest ingredients. Our retail shop in downtown Geneva, Illinois features a rotating menu of Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes, Cookies, Do-Cups, and cake jars. We also ship cake jars and cookies nationwide so you can celebrate across the miles. our shipping site is located at Connect with us socially @thesugarpath and share by using #thesugarpath



Sugar Path has donated over $50,000 of baked goods since the opening of our bakery.

We are committed to our community.  As part of that commitment we regularly donate in the following ways:  we donate our end-of-day cupcakes to local shelters and food banks such as the Lazarus House and the Northern Illinois Food Bank.  We support many charitable organizations through sponsorships, in-kind donations, and auction items.  We focus our contributions on local children’s and women’s causes, such as Mutual Ground.  

We are committed to this support but we do receive MANY requests.  Therefore, if you would like us to consider a donation to your organization, kindly fill out the form below and we will contact you if your request is accepted.  (We get dozen of requests weekly.  Filling out the form below is a REQUEST and not a guarantee for a donation.  We evaluate each request carefully and if we are able to donate we will contact you. Thank you for thinking of us!)



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We believe that every child deserves a celebration on their birthday.  Our program "Every Child Celebrates" was started to further this goal.

A person's birthday is a special day and calls for a special celebration.  However, we recognize that for some, birthdays can be stressful when a family does not have the means to buy something as simple as a cake and presents.  Growing up in a rural blue collar area, our owners were acutely aware of this and came to appreciate something simple----like a slice of cake.  We never under-estimate the power of cake.  The idea for "Every Child Celebrates" was born from two circumstances:  a young girl's family had no means to buy her birthday cupcakes because the girl was going though expensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer.  The family approached us and asked us to donate her cupcakes, which we did.  The delighted little girl sent us a colorful hand-drawn picture which remains in our shop.  The second event was closer to home for our owners when they discovered that a friend of their son's did not receive any presents on his birthday.  His mother had died and he had no family.  We made him a cake---a birthday cake with his name on it.  He posted his photo with his cake and happily exclaimed about his birthday present.  All of this has inspired us to create a program to help children celebrate their birthdays with the iconic birthday cake.  

Our program donates birthday cakes and cupcakes to children whose families cannot provide them.  Do you know a child or family in need of help celebrating a birthday?  Fill out the form below and give us the details:

Your Name *
Your Name
Your phone number *
Your phone number
Name of child for donation *
Name of child for donation
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Date of Pick-up
If your request is accepted we will donate one 8-inch birthday cake or one dozen cupcakes. We will contact you for further information. Please put any other information below.



Nick and Nathanial---teens employed by The Sugar Path

Nick and Nathanial---teens employed by The Sugar Path


We believe in Teen Empowerment. . .

The teenagers of today are the adults of tomorrow.  We believe in giving teenagers their first job experience and empowering them by providing them with the training of skills including: customer service, working as a team, working independently, how to operate a business and more.  The skills they obtain with us and the memories we share will always be with them.


Working at The Sugar Path was more than just a job for me. It taught me responsibility and leadership, to appreciate the little things, and that just a little bit of kindness goes a long way. In my four years working there, I have made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime, and I am forever grateful for that.
— Kelly, Valdosta State University
I started working at The Sugar Path the summer before my senior year. At my very first job, I had a blast working with the other employees and enjoying all of the delicious goodies! I also learned a ton about customer service, which has been a skill I have highlighted on each of my resumes. Now, I work for a variety of clients at a political consulting firm in New York City. Without learning all I did about customer service from The Sugar Path, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to address clients in the gregarious way I do now. Not only to you get to indulge in amazing baked goods, a job at The Sugar Path teaches you how to interact professionally with clients, a skill that is highly regarded in every sector of the job force!
— Kati, NYU
Our employee Jamie learning how to decorate sugar cookies

Our employee Jamie learning how to decorate sugar cookies

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