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Handcrafted Stylish Sweets by the Celebration Specialists

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Tuesday thru Friday: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

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Sunday & Monday: Closed.

The team at the Sugar Path are celebration Specialists. whether you are getting married or celebrating a special life event—-we can help you with the perfect dessert for the occasion. our bakery was established in 2011 by two sisters whose fondest childhood memories always included their grandma’s dessert. armed with their grandma’s recipes and their grandpa’s work ethic, they set out to bring a little more sweetness to this world. We handcraft our all natural desserts using a smallbatch method and the finest ingredients. Our retail shop in downtown Geneva, Illinois features a rotating menu of Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes, Cookies, Do-Cups, and cake jars. We also ship cake jars and cookies nationwide so you can celebrate across the miles. our shipping site is located at Connect with us socially @thesugarpath and share by using #thesugarpath

SUGAR SISTER CONSULTING: Get Help to Grow Your Business!

We have the recipe to success!

We work with people who want to start a business as a creative, retail shop owner or in the food industry.

Who we are and What we offer:

The Sugar Sisters have been around the block (the "Bakery" block) and we know two things very well:

  1. How to ditch your corporate day job and transition to something new.

  2. How to build a successful business out of your passion.

oh and yes, we know how to bake. But that goes without saying.

The Sugar Path is owned by two sisters: Michelle and Nina. In 2011 we were stressed out and unhappy sisters who had professional careers: Michelle as a lawyer and Nina as a mental health counselor. We decided that we needed a hobby to help us destress and that is when we armed ourselves with our Grandma’s recipes and her collection of cookbooks, and started to bake. . .and bake. . .and bake. We baked so much that we decided to get back to our roots and take our wares to the farmer’s market— just for a side hobby of course. It turned out that people really liked what we baked and moreover, they liked us. We were able to grow our little hobby from that farmer’s market stand to a well regarded retail bakery that also caters weddings and events. . .and ships nationwide. That allowed us to ditch the stressful jobs and create something new and more fulfilling.  We've also been pretty fortunate to meet some pretty great people through our business, including:

Barbara Corcoran

Donnie Wahlberg

Jenny McCarthy

Henry Winkler

Greg Louganis

Ed Asner

. . .to name a few. 

After we won the contest sponsored by Barbara Corcoran, other business owners began to call us asking us how we did it. We even got asked to speak about it at events.  Then we realized:  People go to pastry school not business school, or they're following a passion to own a bakery but they don’t know anything about how to grow a new creative business. We’ve learned so much in the last eight years—-from both self education and professional education to coaching and mentoring. Over the years we’ve watched a lot of great businesses go out of business and it’s made us pause and wonder if perhaps we could offer our services to help people who want to grow a successful business and want to make a bigger impact.  

What do we credit our success to? First and foremost: hard work. When we first opened our retail shop eighteen hour days were the norm. But that didn’t make our business successful and neither did having an amazing product. In fact, we almost failed. We almost failed A LOT. What turned our business around was to learn how to run a successful business. To do that we relied on our education: legal, managerial and social work (you have no idea how much it helped us to use Nina’s background as a therapist and counselor, as well as her ten years in restaurant management!). Then we got business mentors, a business coach and joined entrepreneurial groups. We started to put processes and systems in place. When we started to run a profitable business we were able to grow and scale.

How much time do you have to do your own research to learn everything you need to in order to run a successful business? Over the last ten years we have spent hundreds of thousands of hours learning the bakery business. It took at least 1,000 hours just to put a shipping program in place, from building out the website (we do all of our own websites and graphics) to figuring out how to package and ship. We also had to design FDA approved labels—-most people aren’t aware of the legal requirements that go into this type of business (Michelle’s background really helps out with this!). We have been shipping nationwide successfully for three years!

The truth is, there is no good resource that will tell you how to do everything you need to do in order to start a bakery business. There are books, but we read most of them and honestly found that real life and book life did not match. If you have thousands of hours to spend on research, and you have a business and creative background, then you might not need us. But if you don’t have that time or skill, or you don’t want to spend that time because you want success and soon, then you are in luck because we have started to offer our consulting services to help our fellow passionate bakers!

The food business is very competitive and most new businesses fail. We are here to help ensure your success! We’ve created a roadmap to have a successful retail bakeshop, wedding dessert catering and online bakeshop business. If you want to start a bakery business or you have one that you want to grow—-get in touch!

If your bakery, food business or creative business needs help with any of the following, just call the Sugar Sisters. We offer consulting, coaching and mentoring.   

How to transition from your day job

How to find your purpose or turn a passionate hobby into a business

Business Start-up


How to set up a Bakery

How to Operate a Bakery or food business

How to market your small business

Wedding industry advice

How to Scale your Business

Legal requirements for your small business

Creating customer experiences

Creating processes and systems

Developing a Wholesale Program

How to choose a location for your retail shop

Build-out advice (we even have an architect referral!)

Operating an online food or creative business


So, don't lose sleep worrying if you have in place what you need to.  Don't stress about not having enough time.  We know what it's like when you're on your feet for 16 hours a day or stuck in front of that hot oven.  You barely have enough time to sleep let alone leave your mixer to research how to design a marketing campaign.  We gotcha sister—keep reading and choose your options, from classes to coaching, consulting or mentoring.

1. Have a problem and want one-on-one coaching or consulting? We offer consulting sessions and a monthly coaching program to help you meet goals or stay accountable. Use this form or our calendar link below.

Name *


Use our calendar link to schedule a free 20 minute call to determine if we are a fit to work together.

2. Need mentoring and a support network? Tribe CAKE for Female Entrepreneurs

“C”reative “A”nd “K”ind “E”ntrepreneurship


Our new support group is on Facebook and it’s free! Find us and join. Moreover, it’s not just for bakers! The best type of network is a diverse one, so if you are inspired to reinvent yourself and your business, become a member of our tribe! This is for all female entrepreneurs who have a business or want to start one. CAKE stands for creative and kind entrepreneurship. In the spirit of sisterhood, we will help you learn, uplift you and celebrate your wins. Join if you own a business and want a community. Join if you are a burnt out professional and have finally decided to change your life. Join if you’re at your wit’s end on how to start or grow your business. Here’s what you get:


  • You will become a member of our private facebook group where you receive a live monthly mentoring session and access to a supportive community. In the facebook group you will receive business and personal development training to help you grow and uplevel both your business and yourself as an entrepreneur. We expect a diverse group of female business owners with predominance in the creative industries.

  • Ask us anything in the facebook group! We will answer all of your questions.

  • Get access to the guest mentors we invite into the group to talk to you!

  • Find your tribe.

I remember when we started baking and I searched for where I could go to learn more skills. The only option was a two year pastry program, which was not actually an option for me. I remember when we wanted to put a wholesale program into place and didn’t know where to go to learn more about how to price our products. I remember when we started wedding catering and we didn’t even know how to deliver the cake! Do you assemble on site or off? Then there was the shipping—-don’t even get me started on the problems we encountered! Then we needed to scale our business and put processes into place. . .@*@%$##+

Imagine being a member of a group where you get answers to all of your questions from two women who operate a successful business. Imagine if you could have the opportunity to train in a real production bakery and learn first hand everything from exactly how to make a wedding cake to how to deliver it? Or be taught how to ship a product? Imagine if you could come along on a wedding set-up with us? Or be trained on how to create a customer experience and get to experience that by training behind our counter? What if you could be introduced to the top creatives in the industry who are a part of our circle? Or learn the business skills to uplevel your business? What if an attorney could tell you about the legal pitfalls of a business, or a counselor could tell you exactly how to handle a customer complaint. What if two moms could give you advice on how to balance it all. Wouldn’t that change your world and bring you to a new level, for both your business and personal life? If this was available when we started I would have snatched this up in a heartbeat!


3. Online & In-Person Training

How would you like to receive all of the tools you need to change your life and your business. If you haven’t started a business, we can help you. If you don’t have a successful business, we can help you. If you don’t know what you don’t know, we can help you. As our students you will:

  1. Be provided with the tools for creating a successful business and a well-balanced life;

  2. Be provided with the coaching you need to get to the next level;

  3. Be cheered on by a group of supportive like-minded warrior sisters;

Whether you need support to transition out of that mind-numbing corporate job, or you need to learn skills that would take you hundreds of hours to learn on your own: this is the group for you!

Class: How to Start a Bakery Business. . . . . . . . . . (with little to no money)

  • 6 week Masterclass beginning April 25, 2019

  • LIVE webinar presentation Thursdays 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm CST (the third class will be held on Tuesday May 7th instead of a Thursday, same time).

  • Replays available if you miss the class

  • Group format. Live presentation. Written materials provided. Interactive—-all your questions answered.

  • Includes one personal coaching call.

  • Cost: $695.00

  • BONUS PRESENTATION by a registered architect to teach you all you need to know about building out a retail shop, what to look for in a retail space and what to be aware of in the commercial contract.

  • What makes this class so different? You will learn exactly the steps we took to start our bakery on little to no money! (Start does not mean build a retail space, for that you will need some cash!) There is no other program that will teach you the practical steps to take, the legal you need to know so you don’t have to hire a lawyer and the architecture advice you will receive about achieving the perfect build-out.

  • This is a Beta class and will not be offered at this price again. i.e. JUMP on this!!!

Learn everything you need to know about starting a bakery business in this one of a kind class. We will conduct this class via a live webinar where you will have the opportunity to ask live questions! We are so excited to offer this to you!

The class is six weeks in length and if you miss a live class, no worries because you will be provided with a link for the replay. The Trainings will include:

  1. Starting Out: Where to begin, how to start a bakery business while working another job, how and when to make the transition from your full-time job to your bakery business, deciding on what type of bakery to have and what to sell, working on your baking skills, how to create recipes, do you need a business plan, financing, how to start your business on little to no money, how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

  2. Your Bakery Business: Creating your name and brand identity, trademark and copyright laws, your bakery business before retail, all about baking at home and in a rented kitchen, licensing, your selling options, pricing your products, how to market without a retail shop, transporting your products, storage, sourcing supplies, how to legally set up a company without paying an attorney.

  3. Your Retail Bakery: Our registered architect who specializes in retail build-outs and new construction will talk to you about how to choose the best retail space, negotiate the commercial lease and perform the build-out including developing a budget and hiring tradesmen. The remaining presentation will discuss the basic equipment you need for your commercial bakery, where to buy the equipment, the supplies and ingredients you need and where to source them, how to set up your front of house and the type of licensing and inspections you need. (This class is expected to last at least 2 hours).

  4. Operations and Management: Putting together your systems and processes from the beginning to help your business scale, hiring employees, payroll, insurance, the order process, policies and procedures, telephone communication, accounting and bookkeeping, health department rules, legal issues to be aware of when running a retail business.

  5. Marketing and Selling: Website, online ordering, shipping, social media, advertising, graphic design, wholesaling, developing business relationships, catering, customer communication, returns, refunds, policies, specials, events, networking, handling reviews (negative or positive).

  6. Profit and Growth: Most businesses fail within three years: how to survive, profit and scale so that doesn’t happen to you. Scaling up, managing labor costs, adding on wedding catering or other options to grow your business,

In addition to the live training you will get a one hour coaching call with one of the founders of The Sugar Path anytime during the six week class. Registration begins soon!

Name *

For Skills training please visit the Sugar Path School under the Shop tab on this website. We offer live in person classes to help you uplevel your skills or learn new business. We currently have a class for professionals to learn Wedding Catering.

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