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The Sugar Path is a bakery specializing in stylish sweets. We handcraft our pastries and desserts using a smallbatch method using the finest ingredients. Our retail shop in downtown Geneva, Illinois features a rotating menu of Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes, Cookies, Do-Cups, morning pastries and more. We specialize in weddings and parties---for a portfolio of our wedding cakes click on the Weddings tab. We also ship bakery gifts nationwide---go to our online shop at Connect with us socially @thesugarpath and share by using #thesugarpath


Business and Marketing Consulting for Bakery Owners

The Sugar Sisters have been around the block (the "Bakery" block) and we know a thing or two about the bakery business.  Enough to start and grow from a farmer's market stand to a well regarded bakery that also caters weddings and events.  We've also been pretty fortunate to meet some pretty great people through our business, including:

Barbara Corcoran

Donnie Wahlberg

Jenny McCarthy

Henry Winkler

Greg Louganis

Ed Asner

. . .to name a few. 

It started when other business owners began to call us after we won the contest sponsored by Barbara Corcoran, wanting to know how we did that.  We even got asked to speak about it at events.  Then we realized:  Most people go to pastry school not business school, or they're following a passion to own a bakery.  But when you open a bakery you are opening a BUSINESS and there's certain things you need to do to grow and scale your business so you can stay in business. 

We actually did take business training.  We also have experience managing a restaurant and have also owned and operated other businesses.  While you can definitely learn all you need to on your own when you open a bakery---do you have time to research everything you need to know???  If you don't have time, and you need help, hiring a bakery consultant is the best thing to do.  Moreover, the bakery business is competitive but we are different!  We have always believed in lifting a sister up, not beating her down.  We admire the bakers who consider collaboration over competition.  We are here to help!

If your bakery needs help with any of the following, just call the Sugar Sisters and we would love to help you succeed!  We offer consulting and coaching in a variety of programs to fit your budget and need.  

Business Start-up

Recipe Creation


How to set up a Bakery

How to Operate a Bakery

How to market your food business

How to Scale your Business

Developing a Wholesale Program

How to cater weddings

How to choose a location for your bakery

Build-out advice

So, don't lose sleep worrying if you have in place what you need to.  Don't stress about not having enough time.  We know what it's like when you're on your feet for 16 hours a day or stuck in front of that hot oven.  You barely have enough time to sleep let alone leave your mixer to research how to design a marketing campaign.  We gotcha sister, just give us a call or fill out the form below.

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Speaking Subject Matter:

 Sugar Sister story and success for purposes of inspiration and guidance

Career reinvention

Women-owned business issues

How to start and run a small business

How to start and run a food business, bakery, online business

Marketing and Social Media

Consulting Areas:

Advice in career reinvention

Help in starting a small business

Bakery start-up services

Brick and Mortar creation from concept to open

Recipe creation

Product development

Help in successfully managing a business or bakery

Pricing strategies

Increasing your profits

Creating an online presence through social media

Running successful marketing campaigns including social media and e-mail

Starting an online business (from website advice to Shopify to shipping how-tos)

Website creation


and more.


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